The leading utility management software

Manage all your landlord and tenant utility obligations in one central place, for free.

No1 for Usability

Our purpose built dashboard is intuitive and very easy to use. Staff are trained up in minutes. Plus it's branded up for your letting agency.

Dedicated Telephone No.

No more call centres! We give you a dedicated, direct line to the energy provider. You can call them any time during business hours to resolve any queries with your accounts.

Get Paid!

Yes you read that right. Our service is free and we even pay you for using it! Every time a property is managed via Helpthemove and switched provider, we pay you some of the best commissions available.

Save Time

On average, our system saves 15 full days of staff time per branch, every year. It takes less than 2 minutes to perform a check in or check out switch (previously up to 30 minutes work).

Stay Organised

Keep a timestamped record of all transitions with our fully trackable software.