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For Letting Agents and Social Housing Associations, a relationship with Helpthemove and the use of our utility management service can enhance the way tenant changeovers are handled. In this 30 minute demo you will learn how we use the information you provide us to streamline utility switching as part of the change of tenancy process. Book your demo now and learn:

How we use that information to register the change of tenancy updates with electricity and gas suppliers, local councils and the water board.

Switch and set up energy for your fully-managed properties and in the process give you the opportunity to earn revenue on every successful switch.

We ensure that you always have a record of when your notifications are completed and by who in your team.

Our service also offers the ability to support professional meter installations, with developers benefiting from the fact we will take away the hassle of installing energy meters through our trusted energy partner SSE.

Sign up for our free software demo today and learn how to help your tenants switch utility provider seamlessly with Helpthemove’s utility management service.

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Learn how our software can enhance the service you offer to your landlords and tenants

    Why should I book a demo?

    Simply put, our market-leading utility management software will save you time, money and hassle.

    Our service is free to use

    We boost productivity

    We save you time and money

    Generate revenue with no extra effort

    We automate to drive efficiency

    What should I expect during my demo?

    Our expert advisors will start off learning a little bit more about your organisation. They will introduce you to Helpthemove and demo our utility management software, run through some case studies and explain the benefits. They will also take you through how it can complement your current working practices. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to ask any initial questions you may have in regards to utility switching during the change of tenancy process.

    Who is the demo for?

    Our portal is for anyone managing a number of properties who find themselves losing time, money and energy handling change of tenancy notifications to the council, energy and water suppliers for their landlords and tenants. Join 1000+ Letting Agents, Property Managers and Housing Associations who are already enjoying the benefits of our service.

    What can we do for you?

    Earn money for a job you're already doing

    Earn money for a job you're already doing

    Cut your admin time by 90%

    Streamline the whole process for you

    Provide full transparency and records of all notifications

    Letting Agents

    Key Feature:

    Award-winning technology. Automated, centralised & fully transparent.

    Key Benefit:

    100% free service saves you time and money whilst generating revenue for your agency.

    Social Housing Associations

    Key Feature:

    Seamlessly clear pre-payment meter debt and resolve meter issues via our void energy management service.

    Key Benefit:

    Reduce void turnarounds by 20-50%.

    Energy Meters for Developers

    Key Feature:

    Partnership with industry leader SSE.

    Key Benefit:

    Expert engineers assigned per site. Avoid the need for daily replacements and endless briefings.


    A software demo with a Helpthemove agent should last approximately 30 minutes. During this time, our expert agent will illustrate all of the features of our market-leading software, all of which are detailed on our website.

    Absolutely nothing! Our demo, just like our full service offering, is free for all companies. Our offering would be suitable for Letting Agents, Developers and Social Housing Associations.

    Plus, you can cancel your company’s use of Helpthemove at any time – no commitments and no strings attached.

    Using an example dashboard, our Helpthemove agent will guide you through our partner portal. By the end of the demo, you will understand how to:

    • Upload all of your properties into your personal dashboard
    • Complete change of tenancy notifications when tenants are moving out of and into your managed properties.
    • Navigate the portal to update and view utility notification records.
    • View which properties have completed all of the required switch-overs.
    • Save time during the utility management process
    • Generate income using our free utility management software
    • Join our community of highly satisfied Helpthemove clients

    Right away, contact us today and speak to one of our experts about getting set up.

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