Professional meter installations

Professional meter installations which save considerable development time and earn you extra revenue.

Here at Helpthemove, we understand that development is a demanding industry to work in. Electric meter installation and gas meter installation account for just a small part of any development project. Still, as with most things, if the smaller part is not managed efficiently, it can end up causing the biggest hold-ups.

This is where Helpthemove can help. Our free utility management software can help developers by managing the meter installation process for them at no extra cost. Helpthemove’s software also offers developers the chance to generate additional income on every electric meter installation or gas meter installation they carry out. That’s right; developers can save time and money on a service they have to provide as part of their project work and make more money on top of that.

How does it work?

Helpthemove has a trusted energy partner in market-leading energy supplier SSE. When an electric meter installation or a gas meter installation is required, we will arrange for their highly skilled engineers to carry out the work for you. Installation appointments are all set up within the Helpthemove portal at a time to suit your availability. We will also follow up the process to ensure that the accounts are correct when residents move in.

We specialise in metering for larger multi-tenancy residential buildings and arrange for engineers to visit the site until completion. They get familiar with the team and location, avoiding the daily site inductions and hassle associated with most projects. For each electric meter installation or gas installation that is carried out,  the developer will benefit from a commission payment providing the tenant stays with the supplier. SSE offer a range of energy tariffs to suit different needs and usage, but owners or tenants will not be tied in and will not be subject to any exit fees should they wish to switch away.

What are the benefits for developers?

Helpthemove has a proven track record in this field, and its chosen partner supplies over 250,000 residential energy meter installations per year across the country. Here is a summary of the benefits for a developer:

  • Managed installations saving time and money
  • Commissions earned on each meter installation that is carried out
  • Fittings carried out by reputable, market-leading supplier SSE

With Helpthemove, you will also be provided with a dedicated account manager offering unrivalled customer support and personal service. Therefore, if you have any questions or need help with any part of the process, we are just a phone call away.

Book a Demo

To discover more about our utility management software and the benefits it can have for developers, book a free demo with one of our friendly agents today. They’ll share the portal with you, explain all of the benefits, and show you how valuable our software can be. 

Alternatively, you can contact us now on 0800 612 6875 to find out how you could be earning additional income across all of your developments and help smooth your residents move into their new homes.

Save considerable time on installations

Earn commission for a task you're already doing

Extremely reputable partner fitting +250,000 meters a year