Your landlords and tenants will love us too.

Benefits to your landlord

Helps to ensure accurate void utility bills

Submitting meter reads for each change of tenancy will keep your Landlords happy ensuring their void period billing is accurate.

Reasonable & flexible energy tariff

The property will switch onto a variable price tariff with no exit fees. The legal occupier will retain their right to choose a supplier of their choice for the duration of their tenancy.

Improvement to the tenant handover process

As new tenants move in you will use Helpthemove to update the relevant utility / service providers.

No void period bill issued until the Move In (new tenant information) is received

Reduce admin and handle one bill for the void period. Provision of meter reads will mean the void bill received is always accurate.

Benefits to your tenant

Flexible tariff

Your tenants will inherit a completely flexible energy tariff, with no tie in and no exit fee.

Simple to choose the best tariff

Our energy partner is committed to providing the best energy package for your tenants, that’s why they welcome each new tenant to their home with a letter containing easy instructions on how they can set up the best tariff for them.

Help for vulnerable customers

Our energy partner offers initiatives to support vulnerable customers and encourage energy efficiency.

Exclusive rewards

Your tenants will have access to an exclusive rewards programme via our energy partner, offering gig tickets pre-release and many other exciting benefits.