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Introducing our brand new £55* Landlord Energy Credit

Stephen Cunningham

Marketing Manager

25 January 2024

Helpthemove’s brand new Landlord Energy Credit means more value for landlords and less time wasted by our clients checking and paying small energy bills (up to £55*).

This brand new £55* Landlord Energy Credit means that, for every void property, landlords will receive up to £30 energy credit, plus up to 30 days standing charge cleared! In many cases this will mean a £0.00 bill for the landlord’s period of responsibility.

How does it work?

The credits will be shown on all bill types as adjustments, and are applied at the time the final bill is produced for all meter types. Plus, the credit will be backdated to November 1st 2023, meaning added value for landlords.

If you’re already a valued client, you don’t need to do anything – this benefit is already in place and creating added value for you and your landlords.

Contact Us

If you’re a client and have further questions, please contact our support team today on 0161 399 0247, or email us at Alternatively, contact OVO’s dedicated helpline at 0345 071 9728 or

If you aren’t yet a client and would like to know more, why not consider getting in touch or booking a demo with our expert team today? Helpthemove’s utilities management platform can save you up to one hour per move, as well as earn commission on every move completed through our system.

To implement this service, we have made an associated minor change to our terms of service agreement, which you can view by clicking here.

*Terms and conditions apply. Up to £55 value calculation:

Up to 30 days standing charge clearance, plus up to £15 maximum clearance per energy meter (£15 maximum for electric and £15 maximum for gas). Applicable to only landlord bills where OVO is the supplier and the change of responsibility has been processed via Helpthemove. Estimated standing charge clearance value limited to Ofgem unit prices of 53p/day for electricity and 30p/day for gas as at 1st Jan 2024.

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