Letting Agent Utility Management

Our lettings software at Helpthemove allows letting agents to streamline their change of tenancy processes, saving time and money. All you have to do is let us know when a tenant moves in or out of a property, and we’ll sort the rest. 

What does Helpthemove’s letting agent software offer?

Once you notify us that a tenancy change is taking place, we’ll use this information to register the tenancy updates with the relevant utility companies. We’ll pass the new information onto the electricity supplier, gas supplier, local council and water board where pertinent to ensure that the void period is accurate. 

After we’ve alerted all of the relevant organisations, our letting agent utility management software will switch the property’s utilities to a flexible tariff from our energy partner. If the tenant chooses to remain with this company, you’ll earn a commission. 

What information can I access with Helpthemove’s lettings software?

Our utility management platform allows you to keep on top of your admin tasks with ease because every action is noted and recorded. 

If you need to find historical data, our letting agent software stores timestamped records of each notification and action as well as the member of your team who undertook the task. This allows any queries or confusion to be quickly addressed using concrete data. 

Our letting agent utility management service also allows a clear overview of your properties so that you’re always aware of your properties’ occupation status. 

To discover more about our lettings software, book a free demo with one of our friendly agents today. They’ll share the portal with you, explain all of the benefits, and show you how useful our lettings software can be for your company. 

Understanding our letting agent software journey

We know that the industry is fast-paced and ever-moving, which is why we’ve ensured that the Helpthemove process is as simple as possible with just five easy steps: 

Step One: When a tenancy change occurs, update the relevant property’s details using your Helpthemove portal. Our system will prompt you for the details required. 

Step Two: After you’ve provided the required details, our lettings software will send notifications to the relevant companies so that they are aware of the tenancy change for your property. 

Step Three: Helpthemove’s lettings agent software records all of the information you’ve entered and the actions you’ve performed so that you can refer back to it when needed. 

Step Four: All updates are provided with little hassle, ensuring an efficient tenancy changeover. Our letting agent utility management platform will ensure that your property’s energy supplier is switched to our energy partner, ready for the new tenant.

Step Five: If your new tenant chooses to remain with our energy partner, then you’ll receive your commission from Helpthemove.