Social housing management software

When it comes to social housing, time is everything. The sooner work can be completed, the sooner people can be welcomed into their new home. With that in mind, using effective social housing management software to manage a property’s utilities can make a real difference. That is where Helpthemove can help.

What does Helpthemove’s social housing management software offer?

With Helpthemove, you can reduce void turnaround times by 20-50%. You will also receive first-class service when it comes to debt clearance and engineering appointments. Our software is simple to navigate and free, saving social housing associations time and resources.

You will also be equipped to offer new tenants access to our bespoke online platform, Love Resident, designed to support their move. This platform will minimise their moving hassle and help them get set up with other facilities such as telecommunications with some great exclusive deals to boot. The best thing about this is that Helpthemove will manage everything for them once they activate their app account.

What information can I access with Helpthemove’s software?

Through our social housing property management software, you will have the ability to streamline your administration tasks. We record and note all changes and updates, and the platform has the capability to send notifications to ensure you remain fully informed and up to date. 

Within the platform, a timestamped record is made of every notification and action, including the details of who carried out the task. So you will never need to panic if you require historical data. It is right there within the portal. You will have access to complete overviews on all properties you are managing, complete with occupation status. 

Understanding the journey

We know that the industry is fast-paced and ever-moving, which is why we’ve ensured that the Helpthemove process is as simple as possible with just five easy steps: 

Step One: When a tenancy change occurs, update the relevant property’s details using your Helpthemove portal. Our system will prompt you for the details required. 

Step Two: After you’ve provided the required details, our social housing software will send notifications to the relevant utility companies so that they are aware of the tenancy change for your property. 

Step Three: Our software records all of the information you’ve entered and the actions you’ve performed so that you can refer back to it when needed. 

Step Four: All updates are provided with little hassle, ensuring an efficient tenancy changeover. Our social housing utility management platform will ensure that your property’s energy supplier is switched to our energy partner, ready for the new tenant.

Step Five: You can earn commission from Helpthemove should the tenant you have homed remain with the same energy partner.

Book a Demo

To discover more about our social housing management software and the benefits, it can have for social housing associations regarding the management of utilities during a change of tenancy, book a free demo with one of our friendly agents today. They’ll share the portal with you, explain all of the benefits, and show you how valuable our software can be.