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Utility Management Software
for Letting Agents

A fully transparent platform that simplifies utilities
notifications and makes move-ins simple.

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Utility Notification Service

We’ll save you and your tenants time and hassle by taking care of the utility transfer process.

Disjointed admin is a thing of the past – managing property notifications one provider at a time is a huge waste of team resource, with no fixed process or transparency.

With our platform, you can log in and hold all of the information in one place, with timestamped updates to provide to landlords.

We’ll take care of water, energy and council notifications, so you can spend time where it’s needed.


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£55* Landlord Energy Credit

For every void property, landlords will receive up to £30 energy credit, plus up to 30 days standing charge cleared.

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Cutting admin by 90%

We’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s, so you can focus on optimising your service levels.

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Keen to go green?

Our energy partner can help you take steps towards meeting your organisation’s ESG goals.

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Earn with every switch

Create a new income stream, with commission when you switch to our energy partner.

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Stamp out email trails

Every action has a timestamped paper trail, so you know where every property is up to.

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Smarter energy

We can facilitate a upgrade to a smart meter for more accurate billing.

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Silence the hold music

Skip the call queues and switchboards. Our energy partner has a team of experts dedicated to you.


Got some questions? We’ve got answers!

How do I know Helpthemove has notified the current suppliers?

Our technology is designed to provide you with the information you need to have peace of mind that we are doing our job well. Each action within the software is tracked and all notifications processed are visible and easy to locate.

Is the pricing for your preferred energy supplier competitive?

Yes, it is a reasonable & flexible energy tariff.

Without Helpthemove, a vacated property defaults to the incumbent supplier Standard Variable Tariff (SVT). Following the introduction of the price cap and more recently Energy Price Guarantee, there is little price difference in SVT across suppliers. See the latest Ofgem comparison.

The SVT from our preferred energy supplier has no exit fees and the legal occupier will, of course, retain their right to choose a supplier of their choice for the duration of their tenancy.

When do I need to update Helpthemove on a change of tenancy?

When you know it’s happening. As part of your onboarding journey with us we will take the time to understand your operations. This will include asking questions about the check in and check out process, so that we can advise the correct time to schedule the change of tenancy.

What happens if I input the wrong date or information on the HTM portal?

It depends when you realise and report this to us. The service we provide is reliant on good quality data – this is something we will talk to you about before you get started. That said, if mistakes are made, we have processes in place to handle cancellations and corrections.

How do I engage my landlords with the service and explain the benefits of switching the energy during the void?

We understand the relationship between agent and landlord is a precious one. As such, our approach to landlord engagement is to encourage transparency. Our software has an optional feature to keep the landlord informed via email about your use of our service and the energy switch proceeding for their rental property. These emails are written to inform, but also highlight the benefits of the Helpthemove solution. In addition, we will equip you with a Landlord Benefits insert to include in your welcome pack for new landlords.

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