Benefits of Helpthemove’s Free Property Software


You’re probably waiting for a catch or a free trial to trick you. That’s not the case for our services. When we say free property software, free means free. You can use our Helpthemove utility management software without any financial detriment to your company.

We source our funding from partnerships and collaborations so that you don’t need to foot the bill. This also means that you can try our free software to decide whether it’s the right fit for your company without worrying about wasting your money.

Saves Time

In a world where we constantly feel like there’s not enough time in the day, we’re all ensuring that we use the hours we do have as efficiently as possible. When overseeing a change of tenancy, repetitive administration tasks can take up time that would be better spent managing other areas of your business.

This is why our free property software is designed to reduce the number of hours you need to spend on your change of tenancy processes. Our free property software reduces your administration time by 90%, saving your company 116 hours of staff time every year. As a result, we’re saving you time and money.

No1 for Usability

Living in the digital age doesn’t have to be difficult, and it certainly isn’t with Helpthemove. Users only require 10 minutes of training to become an expert when using our free property software to complete their change of tenancy process.

Because our Helpthemove portal is intuitive, this means that most of our clients can use our software without any training at all.

Stay Organised

Our free property software keeps time-stamped details of all updates, including notifications sent and meter readings. Everything is right where you need it when you need it.

If you manage several properties, keeping all relevant information up to date and organised is no longer a time-consuming challenge. Helpthemove’s utility management software automatically records the status of each property within your portal. Job done.

Earn Money

In addition to our free property software having no cost attached, it offers you the opportunity to earn money yourself by using the system every time you oversee a tenancy change.

By using Helpthemove’s free property software, every time one of the properties that you manage changes tenants and switches their utilities to our energy partner, we pay you a commission to say thank you.

Boost your Productivity

Our Helpthemove portal is fully transportable. In the fast-paced, non-stop world of real estate, we understand that last-minute administrative tasks have to take priority from time to time. With Helpthemove, there is no longer any need to panic when this is the case.

You can use our free property software on your mobile or tablet. So whilst a prospective tenant is viewing the property, you can multitask and get your admin work boxed off. Our online portal is fully responsive to your needs, allowing you to make the most of every minute.

Dedicated Phone Line

Helpthemove are passionate about personable and attentive customer service. When you sign up for our free property software to manage your change of tenancy processes, you’ll receive a direct line to our energy partners so that you can call them at any point during their business hours.

No more being placed on hold. Take back your valuable time and boost your productivity while getting the solutions you need quickly and efficiently.

Book your free property software demo now

So what are you waiting for? Earn money, save time and enhance your productivity with Helpthemove’s free property software. Book your free Helpthemove demo now, and one of our friendly advisors will be in touch to show you how our utility management software works, and you can get saving in no time.