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No catches, our service is completely free to use.

Saves Time

Your time is precious, so why not let our service help you save a considerable amount of time. We cut the time spent on administration by 90%, saving branches 116 hours of staff time per annum.

No1 for Usability

Don't worry, it typically takes 10 minutes of training to become an expert. The portal is intuitive. Many clients find their way around without any training at all!

Stay Organised

Helpthemove can help even the most disorganised person keep on top of things. Helpthemove will record the status of each property within your portfolio, keeping time stamped details of all updates, including notifications sent and meter readings entered.

Earn Money

Yes, that’s right, our service is completely free and you can earn money through using it! Every time a property managed via Helpthemove successfully switches to our energy partner, we pay you a great commission.

Boost your Productivity

On your way to a viewing, but have admin to do? No problem. Our online portal is fully responsive. Enjoy access anytime, via mobile or tablet, whilst you're on the go.

Dedicated Phone Line

Being on hold is no fun, right? That's why we provide you with a direct line to our energy partner, enabling you to call them any time during business hours.

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You’re a tough one to crack.
Why not book a free demo at a time to suit you and you can see for yourself just how easy and useful the service is.

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