Show how much you care about your tenants by offering them Helpthemove’s tenant management service – Love Resident. This is a service we run alongside our utility management software to help letting agents and landlords manage utility switches in rental properties with ease. Love Resident allows tenants to take control of their move whilst providing additional income streams for you.

Love Resident allows tenants to take control of their move whilst providing additional income streams for you.

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How does this tenant management service work?

Love Resident is a bespoke digital platform that is managed by Helpthemove. It is designed to streamline your tenants’ moving process, thus providing a fantastic resource to support your tenant relationship management. 

When new tenants are due to move into their property, they’ll receive an email or a text to welcome them to their new home and inviting them to begin their Love Resident journey. Using their smartphone, tenants can use Love Resident to access their core utilities providers, meter reading details and council tax notifications. 

Just as our core utility management software streamlines this process for letting agents and landlords, Love Resident accumulates all of the relevant tenant information in one place so that tenants don’t have to spend hours on hold to update their details. 

Does this tenant property management service offer any additional benefits?

Love Resident has partnered with several companies to offer exclusive deals to tenants who are using Love Resident. New tenants will be able to access off-market deals on broadband, Sky TV, removals, and home insurance through our tenant management software. Additional partnerships include Virgin Media and Pickfords. 

When tenants take advantage of these offers, you benefit too. For any of the exclusive deals that your tenants choose to redeem, you’ll receive a commission fee as a thank you. 

Agents who use our Love Resident platform provide a smooth, efficient experience for their customers from day one, which is a great starting point for tenant relationship management. There’s no additional paperwork for you, as Helpthemove manages the platform on your behalf, and you earn extra funds. 

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In an ever-competitive industry, Love Resident offers you a competitive edge. By providing better communication and additional, exclusive benefits for your tenants, our tenant management platform provides a unique selling point for your offering, ensuring you win and retain business. 

At the same time, you’re providing an exceptional service for your tenants to ensure that their move is as enjoyable and straightforward as possible without being intrusive. 
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How it works?

Residents get an email or SMS welcoming them to their new home.

They start the Love Resident new home journey.

Residents have the peace of mind all of the core services are setup for them. Removes administration costs and emails.

Residents get access to huge discounts via our deal partners that are not available direct.

Deals that residents claim can generate substantial commissions.